Canon Solutions America partners with WEKO to deliver finishing print solutions that meet the extensive needs of production printing systems. With focus on developing liquid applications for digital printing, WEKO solutions can be applied to a variety of industries, including commercial, transactional, digital book printing, and more.

Privately-owned WEKO has been active in its business areas for more than 60 years. Headquartered in Southern Germany with more than 140 highly-qualified employees worldwide, WEKO is developing production printing solutions based on close contact with their customers. Their focus is combining production safety with economical resource consumption and careful material handling. The result is a flexible and individual solution for the non-contact liquid and powder application for conditioning, refining, and finishing of material webs.

The fundamental idea behind their products applicable to all industries and applications is: “High production reliability and economic use of consumables by individual tailoring to your requirements.” The great variety of applications for WEKO Liquid Application Systems means very flexible and individual solutions for applying different liquids for use in digital printing equipmentfrom paper conditioning up to the application of chemical accessory agents.

Finishing Solutions Categories:

  • Web Moisturizing
  • Liquid Application Systems
  • Powder Application Systems