January 2013

Canon and Océ: Stronger Together How Customers Will Reap the Benefits

MalBobyian.jpgCanon and Océ have been uniting their operations since Canon announced the takeover in 2009. This unification took place on January 1, 2013 with the formation of the Canon Solutions America, Inc., which reports into Canon U.S.A. Canon Solutions America has three distinct divisions:

Canon and Océ: Stronger Together How Customers Will Reap the Benefits

February 2013

The transition to digital printing requires careful integration of existing processes with smarter, new technologies. While the benefits can be great, the challenges can be daunting. Canon Solutions America has the expertise to help.

Integrating Book Manufacturing for Run Lengths of One

April 2013

Need To Streamline Your Workflow?
Standardizing and streamlining workflow is critical in order to deliver integrated offerings that meet customer demands for quality, speed, affordability, and effective and relevant communications. Learn what industry experts at InfoTrends have discovered. Download the FREE white paper below Workflow: Streamline Operations, Build New Revenue Streams, Increase Customer Loyalty.

June 2013

Looking for a partner to team with for success? Canon Solutions America offers customers PressGo!, a FREE, robust business development program. With tools including educational webinars, informational white papers, training, marketing templates, and more, we make it easier for our customers to build their business. This robust program is another great reason to be a Canon Solutions America customer – because we know that, together, we can do anything!

Download the exclusive PressGo! resources below to see how PressGo! can help you.

Just PressGo!: An Invaluable Business Development Program Built Especially for Canon Solutions America Customers

July 2013

Today, most publishers don’t want to be as involved in production, but instead, want to focus on acquiring, editing, and prepping the book content. This presents a great opportunity for you to offer new services and develop never-before-possible partnerships with your customers. Learn how the integration of digital print solutions can enable you to create a true print-on-demand infrastructure.

View the FREE, informative on-demand webinar below, INTEGRATING THE PUBLISHING PROCESS FROM END-TO-END.


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