May 2017

Staying on top of industry forecasts can be instrumental in your future success. To take a sneak peek at the future of publishing, we thought you’d be interested in this forward-looking short article and webinar TOP TRENDS: WHAT PUBLISHERS SHOULD EXPECT IN 2017. Among other things, you’ll discover which new and emerging technologies experts predict will have the greatest impact on the publishing industry and what’s next on the storytelling horizon.

April 2017

Innovation is at the heart of today’s book printing market, and keeping the customer experience at the forefront of your innovation strategy can be a key to success. That’s why we want to share this timely article, DELIVERING WHAT READERS REALLY WANT: INNOVATIONS IN BOOKS TODAY. It provides compelling insights into the multitude of technologies available in today’s market and explores how book publishers can best leverage them.

March 2017

A streamlined workflow can give you a substantial competitive edge. It can help you reduce costs, improve margins, and shorten overall production time. We thought you’d be interested in learning more about where you should focus your efforts to improve your shop’s efficiency from the new Canon Solutions America book, INKJET WORKFLOW: HOW TO MAKE YOUR WORK FLOW… EFFICIENTLY. It’s an insightful new resource sponsored by thINK, the independent community of Canon Solutions America production print customers.

January/February 2017

As we turn our focus to the year ahead, it’s important to take stock in new industry developments and implications. What are the requirements for success in today’s market, and how can we best meet them? According to InfoTrends, there are three key considerations for print service providers. Discover the top trends driving our industry and what they could mean for your business in the transformative ROAD MAP 2017: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES white paper.

November 2016

It’s no surprise that the book business is changing. Constant evolution has become the standard for book printers and publishers. Luckily, the latest trends in the book printing market are giving way to a whole new range of opportunities.

The excess of media available for education and entertainment has triggered the need for books to engage more deeply. It seems, unfortunately, that if books aren’t pulling readers in, something else will. Books that are catered to readers’ needs, interests, and personalities are in higher demand.


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