November 2016

It’s no surprise that the book business is changing. Constant evolution has become the standard for book printers and publishers. Luckily, the latest trends in the book printing market are giving way to a whole new range of opportunities.

The excess of media available for education and entertainment has triggered the need for books to engage more deeply. It seems, unfortunately, that if books aren’t pulling readers in, something else will. Books that are catered to readers’ needs, interests, and personalities are in higher demand.

October 2016

Have you made content marketing a meaningful component of your communications strategy? For many book printers and publishers, capturing the attention of modern audiences — who have less time to devote to incoming messages and more options to choose from — poses a considerable challenge. By delivering quality, engaging content to pull in your end user, and by delivering this content in a familiar, interactive way, you can offer the insight and convenience to set your business apart.

A Look Into the Critical Connections that Build Success

September 2016

There are two words everyone loves to hear — thank you. From a happy client, these words can be the key to converting prospects into customers, transforming existing customers into a loyal client base, and in turn, expanding your business. For print service providers with a strong customer focus, the ability to consistently exceed expectations is dependent on having the capabilities and resources to deliver successful outcomes.

August 2016

New technological innovations have changed the game when it comes to the book printing and publishing market. And while it’s easy to be reluctant to change, change comes with many opportunities. This transformation has opened a whole new realm of possibilities, like shorter runs, increased data capabilities, enhanced book discoverability, self-publishing, and more. Whether these additions to the book world translate to greater success depends on the publisher and their commitment to understanding, adapting, and leveraging these changes.

July 2016

We’ve all seen e-readers pop up in airplanes, beaches, and public transit, but now they’re beginning to appear someplace new — schools. Digital books offer a money-saving opportunity for school districts, but what effect do they have on learning? And how are readers and students reacting? Understanding how e-books fit into the broader spectrum of learning, communicating, and receiving information is key to offering your book printing and publishing customers the solutions they need.


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