November 2015

Did you know that InfoTrends predicts that by 2018, inkjet will account for nearly 60% of total production digital color volume? The inkjet market is growing rapidly as a result of speed and quality levels never dreamed possible. Of course, back in the day, printing presses literally changed history, improved the circulation of literature, and revolutionized media. Today, business depends on printing to inform, influence, entertain, and educate people the world over.

October 2015

As the popularity of inkjet grows, we’re seeing bigger, bolder ideas about what can be accomplished by combining inkjet and an innovative spirit. Two recent events celebrated this potential; first, the thINK Forum User Conference, where members of Canon Solutions America’s educational inkjet community came together to share insight and hear about the latest emerging trends from experts. Secondly, Canon EXPO 2015 offered an imaginative showcase of the vast capabilities of Canon technologies, while diving into what’s still to come. See the excitement for yourself.

September 2015

Print technology has evolved as the demands of the market have changed. The percentage of jobs produced using digital vs. offset technology has dramatically increased in the past ten years as customers opt for shorter run lengths and clients want highly targeted, personalized, and relevant messaging content. While there will always be a need for offset, a digital press can be very cost efficient from a production standpoint as well as open doors to new revenue and growth opportunities.

July 2015

Advancements in inkjet technologies are quickly closing the gap between offset and digital print cross-over points. The cost per page vs. run length equation is clearly tipping in inkjet’s favor as high-speed, high-quality inkjet continues to evolve. There is no better way to understand the implications of this trend than to hear what people like you have experienced in their businesses. Watch the webinar INKJET: FOLLOW THE PAGES!


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