July 2015

Advancements in inkjet technologies are quickly closing the gap between offset and digital print cross-over points. The cost per page vs. run length equation is clearly tipping in inkjet’s favor as high-speed, high-quality inkjet continues to evolve. There is no better way to understand the implications of this trend than to hear what people like you have experienced in their businesses. Watch the webinar INKJET: FOLLOW THE PAGES!

June 2015

Are any of your clients dissatisfied with their direct mail response rates? Are they struggling to obtain a better return on investment (ROI) with their scarce marketing dollars? How can you help them achieve stronger results and prevent the shifting of marketing resources elsewhere?

May 2015

Today, a successful marketing campaign is driven by personalized and effective communications. The personalized part is well documented but the effective part combines the careful analysis of both traditional offline as well as online data, like browsing behaviors and social networks. The result will be focused and engaging communications with customers. Learn how data is driving sales. Watch the webinar The Silver Bullet for Driving Sales: Data.

April 2015

Are you still warehousing and keeping track of pre-printed shells for your customers? Many transactional printers across the country are still struggling to provide higher bottom-line results while many others are seeing how TransPromo communications translate into dollars and make a lot of sense. See the potential for yourself, watch the webinar From White Space to Dollars: Trends in TransPromo.

March 2015

Direct mail today is becoming increasingly complex. Messaging needs to be personalized and targeted with good use of high-quality color. But run lengths are getting smaller as versioning increases.
How do you create a cost-efficient workflow to meet these needs plus maintain quick turnaround times?


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