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ECO START PROGRAM. For every production press purchased, Canon Solutions America’s Production Print Solutions division works with Trees for the Future to plant trees to help counterbalance that press’s average expected CO2 emissions during its first year in operation.
Trees for the Future plants the donated trees in their unique Forest Garden system in poverty-stricken communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. These Forest Gardens provide families with: (1)Fuel, (2)Food, (3)a means to engage in Local Commerce
The anticipated CO2 emissions from each production press during its first year of use is based on its average expected Energy Consumption, Annual Print Volumes, and Paper Consumption.
Since 2011, Canon Solutions America has worked with Trees for the Future to plant over 1.7 million trees, enough area to cover 1.5x the size of Central Park, creating 680 sustainable Forest Gardens, helping over 680 families escape poverty.
On average, over 100 Canon Solutions America customers participate in the program every year.
The total number of trees planted have removed approximately 95 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere, based on the assumption that a tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.
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