Canon Solutions America’s Inkjet Innovation Trifecta – 1200 DPI Presses in Our Inkjet Portfolio.
ColorStream series web-fed inkjet presses and varioPRINT iX-series sheetfed inkjet presses.
ColorStream series: Print speeds up to 525 = output of 137,400 letter impressions per hour. varioPRINT iX-series: Print speeds up to 312 letter images per minute = more than 4,500 12 x 18 inches 4/4 per hour.
ColorStream series: Global #1 – In web-fed inkjet for 11 consecutive years, and Efficient – Efficiency in ultra-short runs. varioPRINT iX-series: iQuariusiX – Proven technology for superior results, and Sustainable – Sustainable design for robust productivity.
ColorStream series: 40%+ – ColorStream customers have installed more than one device, and 40 to 160 GSM – Wide range of uncoated and inkjet-optimized media. varioPRINT iX-series: 90% – Extremely robust and reliable, with uptime exceeding 90%, and 60 to 350 GSM – Wide range of offset coated and uncoated paper media. ProStream series web-fed color presses: Print speeds up to 436 feet per minute = output of 114,245 letter impressions per hour, Quality – Color consistency with Canon Colorgrip, and Poductivity – Automated production with prisma.
OProStream series: 40 to 300 GSM – Wide range of offset coated gloss, matte, silk, dull, uncoated, and inkjet-optimized media, and Enhanced Drying System to help protect the surface quality of the printed output at all stages.
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