PRINT 13: Canon Solutions America Demonstrates Innovation and Integration

PRINT 13 (September 8-12 in Chicago) is focused on educating attendees about how to drive profits through innovation and integration. Building on those themes, Canon Solutions America will be holding live demonstrations of its latest graphic communications technologies and partnerships to share profit-making opportunities for you and your business. This article provides a brief summary of what you can look forward to seeing when you visit the Canon booth.

Canon Solutions America will be showcasing one of the newest members of the Océ ColorStream® 3000 series, the Océ ColorStream 3900 system. It can print 1,818 letter-size impressions per minute 2-up duplex in a twin configuration. Monthly volumes of up to 59 million letter-sized images can be achieved. Key benefits and product enhancements for the 3900 include:

  • A flexible growth path: The Océ ColorStream 3000 series provides a modular growth path with field upgradable speed. Users can transition from a monochrome Océ ColorStream 3500 to a full-color or even a five- or six-color Océ ColorStream.
Product Speed Print Width
Océ ColorStream 3200 157 fpm 17"
Océ ColorStream 3500 246 fpm 21.25"
Océ ColorStream 3700 328 fpm 21.25"
Océ ColorStream 3900 417 fpm 21.25"
  • Economical start/stop: The Océ ColorStream 3000 series has the ability to print during paper speed ramp-up acceleration and ramp-down deceleration and to fully stop and restart without generating blank pages. This increases operational efficiency, decreases turn-around time, and greatly reduces paper waste.
  • HeadSafe technology: HeadSafe technology helps prevent nozzle clogging and minimizes lengthy purging processes. The ability to transition simply and cost-effectively between monochrome-only and full-color printing promotes higher uptime and productivity levels.
  • Invisible and security ink for the Océ ColorStream 3900: A non-intrusive means of adding secure information to printed documents means that users can include customer and control metadata in printed documents – without having to insert visible barcodes that detract from the appearance of printed documents.
  • Availability of premium black pigment ink: Premium black pigment ink is a fast immobilizing ink that keeps more of the ink at the media surface, improving optical density while also limiting showthrough. The premium black pigment is ideal for generating high-quality books on inkjet devices.
  • Full speed MICR performance for check printing: MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) speed for the Océ ColorStream 3900 will increase from 328 feet per minute (fpm) to 417 fpm with reliable and outstanding print quality made possible with Océ DigiDot® imaging technology.

While best-in-class digital print technology is critical, users are seeking solutions that will streamline operations for better bottom-line profitability. At PRINT 13, attendees will see a number of enhancements to Océ PRISMA® workflow software that open new application opportunities:

  • photo_printer.jpgReprints that work: Canon Solutions America customers rely on 100% output delivery when printing direct mail, TransPromo statements, bills, and invoices – jobs that routinely generate millions of impressions per month. Damage can occur at varying stages in a production and mailing process and must be detected and repaired. Canon Solutions America is enhancing its color management software to enable customers to experience the same level of quality and color fidelity for very small reprint jobs generated on the Canon imagePRESS® C7010VPS without impacting productivity on the high-speed device. The color management software enables customers to replicate the look, feel, and quality of the process color output from the Océ ColorStream 3000 series and produce documents on the Canon imagePRESS C7010VPS, delivering 100% of a customer’s printed product with consistent quality throughout the print run.

With the adoption of high-speed inkjet web presses, it was only a matter of time before more dedicated paper stocks began arriving on the market. At PRINT 13, Canon Solutions America will be introducing a number of partnerships with paper manufacturers to ensure that users have the right paper for the right job. Canon’s strategy is to satisfy application demands for marketing, direct mail, and publishing markets in North America. These range from 100% recycled inkjet treated stocks to mechanical papers for book manufacturing.

At PRINT 13, Canon Solutions America will demonstrate expanded relationships with leading finishing providers that will enable high-value production operations for the printing and publishing markets. Canon Solutions America will demonstrate the integration with the latest LaserMax Roll Systems (LRS) cut and stack solution with full bleed chip-out capability for output from high-speed continuous inkjet digital printers. Canon Solutions America will also launch the Standard Horizon StitchLiner6000 Digital (SL6000) high-speed saddle stitcher as a fully supported and serviced Canon Solutions America solution, ensuring maximum uptime. Inline continuous-feed saddle stitching is an important growth area, with applications in the financial print, insurance, healthcare, and commercial print segments. Canon Solutions America is also partnering with EMT on a high-speed, near line post-processing UV coating solution technology demonstration in the EMT booth in which 3-up postcards will be produced on nine-point stock with inline gloss coating. The system includes a cutter and will feed from a roll unwinder. The resulting durable postcards are ready for the mail stream at a rate of up to 500 feet per minute.

Integrated into the Océ ColorStream 3900 in the Canon booth are the Videk vision based print verification system and the Argos web cleaning device.

Every four years, the world’s graphic communications industry convenes for the PRINT event at McCormick Center in Chicago. PRINT is the year’s largest and most exciting display of live running equipment in the Americas. When you visit the Canon booth – #502 – you’ll have the opportunity to interact with an array of new technologies that you can’t learn about by simply reading a brochure. You will see the latest innovations in print and software technology combined with end-to-end integrated partner solutions. Join us at PRINT 13 to identify exciting new profit opportunities for your business!