Inkjet Technology: Follow the Pages!

High-speed production color inkjet technology is closing the gap between offset and digital print. With high productivity and low consumable costs, today’s run length cross-over point makes digital printing very competitive with offset. Digital Color Toner and Color Inkjet Forecast. The number of impressions for Digital Color Toner will increase by approximately 20% from 2013 to 2018, while the number of impressions for Digital Color Inkjet will increase by almost 100% for the same time period. Source: InfoTrends’ U.S. Production Printing & Copying Market Forecast, 2013-2018All the advantages of digital printing are retained, including personalization, electronic collation, just-in-time manufacturing, workflow automation, high speeds, and productivity. During this webinar, InfoTrends’ Group Director Barb Pellow discusses how inkjet technologies are creating new business opportunities while Canon Solutions America’s Senior Marketing Manager Michael Poulin focuses on how Canon Solutions America is helping customers succeed with inkjet.

“The growth in production color inkjet volume is stunning,” Pellow states. According to InfoTrends’ U.S. Production Printing & Copying Market Forecast, production color volumes totaled about 160 billion impressions in 2013 and will reach 320 billion by 2018. By 2016, production color volumes are expected to exceed volumes produced by electrophotography. Furthermore, production color inkjet accounted for 37% of the total production digital color volume in 2013. This is all the more impressive when you consider that there was hardly any production color inkjet volume at all prior to 2008. By 2018, InfoTrends believes that production color inkjet will account for 61% of total production digital color volume. Pellow continues, “All of this is happening despite the fact that toner-based electrophotographic color is also growing at a healthy rate!”

In the Canon Solutions America webinar entitled Inkjet: Follow the Pages! presented by Canon Solutions America’s PressGo customer program, Pellow goes on to describe the top applications that are driving the change for production inkjet volume—transaction, promotional, and publishing. She elaborates, “Within those categories, one or two key applications are dominant. For transaction, it’s bills, statements, and TransPromo. For promotional, it’s direct mail. And for publishing, it’s books.”

Eight Good Reasons for Inkjet Now

In addition to supporting the research and showcasing some application examples, Barb Pellow also offers the following eight good reasons for inkjet now:

  1. Pre-production support for review copies, comps, and sales samples
  2. Risk reduction for inventory, warehousing, and returns
  3. Ability to bring reprints, backlists, and out-of-print editions back into circulation to generate new revenue streams
  4. Time-to-market
  5. Cycle time for on-demand production
  6. Specialty and self-published books
  7. Integration of interactive components
  8. Bottom-line results

Joining Pellow in the webinar is Michael Poulin, a Senior Marketing Manager at Canon Solutions America. In his presentation, Michael covers the Canon Solutions America production print color portfolio and Canon Solutions America’s process for helping customers to identify the best technologies for their businesses. Next, Michael shares several case examples where Canon Solutions America helped customers increase their success with inkjet technology and grow their businesses. Examples include direct mail, transactional, and books customers.

Join Pellow and Poulin as they uncover the trends in inkjet technology, share how to use inkjet to add to applications and transform your business model, and describe how Canon Solution America is supporting customers like you that are following the pages to inkjet today!