The first generation of Industry 4.0 has rapidly made automation essential for any print service provider who’s gearing up to be the smart print factory that evolving industry conditions demand. But while the need for an automated workflow is universal, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As a print service provider in the commercial and graphic arts space, you certainly have distinct and complex workflow requirements—from data-driven and personalized projects to sophisticated work incorporating rich media content. Plus, you likely face an expanding range of application opportunities that make automating each step mission critical to maintaining productivity as well as driving new business.

Now, you can run a smarter print factory with help from Canon Solutions America’s Smart Production Platform—a premier portfolio of integrated, industry-specific automated workflow solutions, including Graphic Smart Suite and Book Smart Suite. Each of these targeted solutions features its own flexible mix of production workflows, digital presses (both inkjet and toner), integration services, finishing solutions, and media—all of which can be configured to help you boost productivity and efficiency, differentiate from the competition, offer customers a more diverse and profitable portfolio of applications, and adapt as needs evolve.

Graphic Smart Suite is a collection of out-of-the-box automated workflow, production, and finishing solutions that fully supports a wide array of high-value revenue streams and rich cross-media applications. MIS integration to collect production data. Web services to move customers to e-business platforms for remote job submission and data collection. Augmented reality capabilities to support rich media content. And it does so with high speed and efficiency, minimal touchpoints, plus superior color management and quality.

Book Smart Suite is a start-to-finish, PDF rules-based, automated workflow solution that can help commercial printers expand into digital book printing and capitalize on profitable dynamic publishing and on-demand opportunities. It is easily configurable for low-, medium-, and high-volume book printing, automating everything from order submission to product life cycle management and accelerating speed to market. Additional benefits include optimizing PDF files for print, copyright security features, quality inspections incorporated inline, and the ability to make late or dynamic bindery decisions at any time during production without going back to prepress layout.

For commercial print providers like you, seamlessly uniting information technologies and operational workflows has become essential for staying lean, competitive, nimble, and profitable in a constantly evolving industry. With Graphic Smart Suite and Book Smart Suite from Canon Solutions America, you can be better positioned to be successful now and seize more opportunities as you move toward the fifth industrial revolution.

Did you know?

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