November 2016

Are you one of the 14% who embrace emerging technologies and innovations before anyone else? These early birds may see something the rest of us miss. So, what do they have their eye on lately?

October 2016

It’s time to take a look at the bigger picture. Print is a major player in successful marketing, but it’s not alone. While other communication channels may grow in popularity, it’s important to view this shift as an opportunity rather than a competition. In fact, by creating a complex, multi-channel experience, you’ll find the opportunity to personalize your customers’ experiences in more than just a few words. You’ll give them the ability to choose how they want to interact with you, building a foundation of trust and reliability. But don’t just take our word for it.

A Look Into the Critical Connections that Build Success

September 2016

There are two words everyone loves to hear — thank you. From a happy client, these words can be the key to converting prospects into customers, transforming existing customers into a loyal client base, and in turn, expanding your business. For print service providers with a strong customer focus, the ability to consistently exceed expectations is dependent on having the capabilities and resources to deliver successful outcomes.

August 2016

Today’s marketers always want to know more. Who is my consumer? What does she enjoy doing? Where does he live? Gathering this data is becoming more and more critical. The more a business can learn about their clients, the greater their potential to deliver targeted, custom marketing pieces that will connect with their audience. And for the customer, too many options can be overwhelming. Instead, they are choosing messages that are focused on their preferences and that speak directly to them.

July 2016

Big changes in today’s printing industry mean that your customers and prospects have more options available to them but less time to make critical business decisions. How do you position yourself as the clear choice among your competitors? And at the same time, how do you build loyalty and trust within your client base? As it turns out, the answers to these two questions are one and the same — by tapping into the deeper value that builds lasting client relationships.


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