Canon Takes Next Step in ColorStream Innovation

Printing is a highly creative industry undergoing many changes. More jobs. Shorter runs. Tighter deadlines. To compete successfully, book manufacturers need a press that helps them produce more in less time, maintain consistent high quality, broaden their application reach, explore new markets, and grow their revenue streams.


After a decade of continuous innovation, the Canon ColorStream has become the leading inkjet web press in the world, with more than 1,500 installations around the globe. Canon’s launch of the new ColorStream 8000 series is the next evolution in ColorStream’s legacy. And it’s setting new standards for productivity, quality, and flexibility in high-volume print environments.

Taking productivity to the next level

The ColorStream 8000’s unique combination of state-of-the-art digital inkjet technology and advanced new features was developed to directly address customer feedback and heightened demand for elevated efficiency. This newest addition to the ColorStream family helps print service providers set up jobs easily, switch media quickly, personalize print runs, operate 24/7 with minimal intervention or interruption, and do it at the speed of inkjet.

The ColorStream 8000 series maximizes throughput with print speeds of up to 525 ft./min. and prints up to 2,290 letter images/min. (16–75 million letter images per month). This press easily handles production peaks and provides the capability to reduce labor and run costs by consolidating volumes from offset and web-fed toner presses onto the ColorStream.

The productivity of the ColorStream 8000 series is further enhanced by the fact everything that could be automated has been, making the series exceptionally easy to operate and freeing up operator time for other value-added activities. The many automated tasks add to the remarkable uptime of the ColorStream 8000 series, giving users a reliable solution they can really trust.

The Proactive Maintenance available with the ColorStream 8000 series offers additional peace of mind in production planning by delivering predictive maintenance, enabling targeted machine downtimes for service, and avoiding unpredicted downtimes during production.

Taking print quality to the next level

The next generation in the ColorStream family features new 1200 dpi printheads that yield a stunning and consistent print quality—even at the highest speed—reproducing smoother gradients, homogeneous tints, and sharper detail. The ColorStream 8000 series also uses a new water-based pigment ink set with latex polymer to deliver a very wide color gamut that exceeds GRACoL 2013 Uncoated standards, plus impeccable droplet formation and deep black and vibrant colors on uncoated paper without any pretreatment.

Taking application flexibility to the next level

In the fast-moving book printing market, finding new applications can be crucial to staying competitive. Thanks to the improved print quality of the ColorStream 8000 series and its ability to print on a wide variety of uncoated, recycled, and inkjet-optimized papers from 40gsm to 160gsm as standard (and selected papers up to 220gsm), book manufacturers can now proactively pursue more value-driven jobs. This opportunity is enhanced by the design of the press’s paper path, which, with a maximum print width of 22 inches, enables 5-up impositioning for increased productivity on common book formats. The expanded media range with lightweight papers also broadens the application focus to include publishing leaflets and packaging inserts.

Taking your business to the next level

True to its legacy of innovation, the ColorStream 8000 series is designed to help you maximize the performance of your print operation, meet emerging challenges with confidence, and drive the implementation of new business models that make your enterprise fit for the future. It’s next-evolution technology you can use to:

  • Elevate efficiency for ultra-short runs and one-off book production
  • Integrate the ColorStream 8000 seamlessly into book finishing solutions
  • Handle complex jobs at up to 525 ft./min., regardless of page content, size, or finishing requirements
  • Deliver outstanding image quality on uncoated book papers and inkjet treated papers
  • Experience easy operability for fast and low-waste setups and job changes
Take a look at the ColorStream 8000 in action

Customers can see the new ColorStream 8000 series at the Canon Americas Customer Innovation Center in Boca Raton, FL, or request a virtual demo.

Did you know?

The new ColorStream 8000 series reaches speeds up to 525 ft./min. and uses up to 6 print bars for CMYK printing.