July 2015

There was a time when you could actually just sell something by showing a picture of it in an ad with a headline like “Buy Me.” Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s pretty much the way marketing used to be. Today, it’s important to deliver engaging, valuable content to your audience because they won’t spend a nanosecond on your efforts if you don’t. Watch the webinar DELIVERING CONTENT IN A MULTI-CHANNEL WORLD to discover the new marketing reality.

Delivering Content in a Multi-Channel World

June 2015

We’re sure you have noticed that book production is changing with shorter run lengths and on-demand publishing becoming more the norm than the niche. Recent advancements in digital color production inkjet technology, workflow software, and integrated finishing options enable book printers to offer a smarter, cost saving approach to book production. This approach helps to decrease the number of unsold books while cutting back on storage expenses and makes it profitable to print books on-demand with run lengths as small as 1–500.

New Opportunities in Book Printing

May 2015

Remember when you used to curl up in your favorite armchair and read a classic case-bound book? Remember when you put the book aside and started reading from your digital tablet? Well, sit back down. Emerging technologies are now making room for both printed books and tablets with new interactive user experiences powered by augmented reality. Maybe it’s time to review your business strategy. Watch the webinar Emerging Technologies to Optimize Book Publisher's Content Strategies Webinar.

April 2015

The transformation of the book manufacturing industry is still in full swing. It may serve you well to take another look at some of the data and conclusions of the experts who participated in the recent webinar On-Demand is in Demand for Books. Their insights, along with the eye-opening statistics presented on book-buying trends offer practical suggestions for dealing with the print demands of publishers. Read The Demand for On-Demand Books.

The Demand for On-Demand Books

March 2015

As you know, the publishing world is experiencing a major transformation driven in large part by emerging digital technologies. Book distribution methods are evolving, and technology is creating dramatically new content creation opportunities. Some publishers are bridging print and digital by innovating with mobile bar codes, NFC tags, and augmented reality software to deliver content that provides an interactive experience for consumers and new revenue streams for them.


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