Transaction Print: Rerouting Reprints Without Sacrificing Quality

Canon Solutions America customers rely on 100% output delivery when printing direct mail, TransPromo statements, bills, and invoices – jobs that routinely generate millions of impressions per month. Damage can sometimes occur at various stages of the production/mailing process, and these issues must be detected and repaired. Canon Solutions America now offers a full-function reprint solution for its high-speed inkjet presses.

Designed specifically for the needs of transactional printers, the solution allows for reprints of damaged documents to be routed from the high-speed continuous feed inkjet production devices to lower-speed production cutsheet devices without sacrificing consistency. Through the expertise of Canon Solutions America’s professional services group, customers are enabled to experience the same level of quality and color fidelity for reprint jobs generated on the Canon imagePRESS® digital printing press without impacting the productivity of the high-speed inkjet device. The ability to set up and finely tune color profiling enables customers to replicate the look, feel, and quality of the process color output from the Océ ColorStream® and Océ JetStream® lines of inkjet presses by producing documents on the Canon imagePRESS C7011VPS series. This ensures that 100% of a customer’s printed output is delivered with consistent quality throughout the print run.

Leveraging the Océ PRISMAsync™ operation management controller from the Océ PRISMA® workflow software’s color management suite, the solution automatically applies the necessary color data to the page and then manages the color consistency to match the quality of the inkjet system. Océ PRISMAproduction® workflow software enables automated queuing and job routing, so that the solution automatically identifies the necessary reprint work and routes it to the designated cutsheet device.

“Using the Canon imagePRESS in conjunction with our inkjet presses has saved us a great deal of time and money during the short time that we’ve had it installed.”
Michael Mccombs,
Senior Vice President of Operations at RevSpring

RevSpring, a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) revenue cycle technology provider serving the accounts receivable, management, healthcare, home services, and financial services markets, is an early adopter of Canon Solutions America’s reprint solution. According to Michael McCombs, Senior Vice President of Operations at RevSpring, “Using the Canon imagePRESS in conjunction with our inkjet presses has saved us a great deal of time and money during the short time that we’ve had it installed. Cutsheet devices are a completely different breed than our high-speed inkjet systems, but this new solution does an amazing job at managing the color output. The results from applying these profiles are so good, in fact, that most of us – and that includes our customers – are unable to tell if the job was printed using a cutsheet toner or inkjet continuous feed device.”

In addition to the reprint solution requirements for RevSpring’s transactional printing business, the Canon imagePRESS has also enabled the company to further expand their production printing capabilities to handle new application work which is generating new print volume opportunities for the company.

Canon Solutions America’s reprint solution enables customers to maximize volume and productivity by keeping the inkjet system available for long-run high-volume work. Meanwhile, these shorter “reprint” runs – which often require form/setup changes and ultimately reduce the continuous-feed printers’ throughput – can now be handled separately yet simultaneously on the cutsheet printing systems. The automated routing via Océ PRISMAproduction software keeps the inkjet system reserved for what it handles best – high-volume, long-run work.