A Decisive Game Changer for Transactional and Direct Mail Printing

Print service providers typically face tough decisions when buying digital printing equipment. Toner technology is relatively fast (depending on the specific brand and model), but the run costs are high and downtime for service can be frequent and frustrating. Inkjet technology offers attractive running costs, speed, and uptime, but some models may have substrate restrictions and/or image quality limitations. Direct mail printers need variable data capabilities for value-add customer communications and flexible, high-speed platforms to run multiple jobs and meet tight deadlines. Transactional printers also need variable data workflow options combined with high speeds to meet their SLAs.

Now, comparing the options and weighing the pros and cons may no longer be necessary. After four years of development, Canon Solutions America launched the varioPRINT iX-series sheetfed inkjet press in April 2020. This inkjet platform is well-positioned to support transactional and direct mail printing business needs, solidifying inkjet as a strong technology for these markets.

A True Game Changer

Upon close inspection, calling the varioPRINT iX-series a “game changer” is no exaggeration. Featuring proprietary iQuariusiX technology advances in quality control, ink innovation, drying technology, and media handling, it offers some of the highest productivity and cost efficiency in the industry, with incredibly high speeds, an average uptime of 94 percent, full variable data capabilities for personalization, plus attractive savings in running costs and labor.

Of particular importance for TransPromo and direct mail print providers is the varioPRINT iX-series’ ability to not only print on an epic media range while retaining razor-sharp details and outstanding color but also deftly switch between multiple media in different trays without interruption or intervention. With up to 350 gsm on offset coated and uncoated paper, it consistently delivers stunning image quality that rivals or exceeds toner no matter the media. This allows for greater application versatility and flexibility, opening opportunities to expand print volumes as well as pursue the profitability of smaller, more diverse jobs.

Taking the Industry by Storm

Despite uncertainty about the future, market reaction to the varioPRINT iX-series has been overwhelmingly positive since the April launch. Our 2020 inventory sold in record time, and we are now taking orders for 2021. Forward-thinking PSPs are investing in this platform for their future based on the profit potential and return on investment of the varioPRINT iX-series, including John Mashia, president and COO of IMS Direct in upstate New York, who bought one shortly after it hit the market.

“We chose to invest in the Canon varioPRINT iX-series this year because it gives us the ability to run high-quality jobs—comparable to offset on an inkjet press—expanding our ability to support our customers,” Mashia says. “We’ve been able to displace multiple toner boxes and drive our overall costs down while increasing our efficiency.”

For direct mail and transactional print providers weighing their business prospects, potential opportunities, and investment options going forward, assessing the game-changing Canon varioPRINT iX-series should be high on the list. The ROI is easy to calculate: More business. More profit.

Did you know? We recently launched VIEW—the interactive inkjet estimation tool that helps sales teams and customers quickly calculate ink usage and other job cost information for any PDF application.