February 2014

Today, more and more transactional, direct mail, and in-plant printers are turning to full digital solutions to optimize existing business and grow into new markets that offer the promise of a profitable future. There is no better way to “learn” how to be successful with transitioning from offset to digital printing than to see how others have done it. At Canon Solutions America, we are dedicated to helping you understand and profit from the power of digital printing solutions.

January 2014

2013 was surely an eye-opening year for the print industry. New products, new workflow solutions, and new application ideas debuted in the market at a rate that was almost impossible to keep up with. The good news in this is that now a clear path to the future has emerged. Read on as Mal Baboyian, our Executive Vice President, and Barb Pellow, Group Director at InfoTrends walk us down that path.


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